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Tips on Autograph Collecting

  • Use an SASE
    An SASE is a self-addressed stamped envelope. What I usually do is take a 9x12 manilla envelope and attach a 32 cent cent stamp to it. Then fold it into thirds and enclose it in a business size envelope and attach a 32 cent stamp. The SASE will increase your chance of getting an autograph. It always helps to send an SASE but you don't have to send one. Its a lot cheaper if you don't. I have obtained many autographs w/out an SASE. The best thing to do is if you have something for the celeb to sign, or not, in which you might want to send a 3x5 index card, send the pic to them to sign. Celebs are usually willing to sign someting sent to them. Sometimes that is the only way to get an autograph.

  • The Letter
    -Be very polite and don't make it any longer than a page. Always say please and thank you.
    -Mention a favorite work done by them. (Please don't write to a Celeb just because you know they will send you an autograph, write to them because you admire them and their work.)
    -Do not say you are an "autograph collector."
    -Remember to ask for an autographed photo. Do not expect they will just send you one.
    -Basically keep it short and sweet. Get to the point about what you want.

  • Keep track of who you write to. Write down the celebrity, the address used, when you sent your letter, when you received something back, and what you received. Also mention if you sent something to them to be signed.

  • You must be very patient. You might receive one autograph in a week and another one you might receive in 5 months or even a year. It all depends on the celebrity.

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