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About the Author

My name is Nicole and I like to collect autographs. I am currently enrolled in school. My favorite color is blue, as if you didn't already know from my main page. My interests include hanging with friends, listening to music, guys, going to movies, softball, kayaking, and the computer just to name a few. My favorite actors are Jeff Goldblum and Leonardo Dicaprio. My favorite actresses are Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ariana Richards, and Kate Winslet. My favorite director is Steven Spielberg while my favorite movies are Jurassic Park and Titanic. My favorite TV shows are Melrose Place, Beverly Hill 90210, Party of Five, Ally McBeal, Dawson's Creek...and so many more. I like punk, ska, and alternative music. Country and classical is okay. Some music I like to listen to is MxPx, Save Ferris, Slick Shoes, Less Than Jake, Everclear, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and the Jurassic Park Soundtrack. Thats all I can think about to say....please enjoy my page and don't forget to sign the guestbook so I know you were here.